I have been in complete shock over the responses about the women’s march. Tons of people including women saying things like the march was nothing but women who hated men or women who “let” men have control of them; that it’s every woman’s choice rather or not a man has power over her or abuses her. I’ve seen people say that it was pointless because “women in America have the same rights as men and are treated fairly.” Let me excuse myself while I find a trash can to puke in.

Many people seem to believe the march was ONLY about Trump being president and that’s not the case at all. Yes, women were there fighting against Trump but why? Well, because by America voting for this man, America is saying that it’s okay for men to have “locker room” conversations with their pals. That’s what they call it right, locker room talk? You know, the talk that takes place between a few men about how it’s totally acceptable to “grab her by the pussy.” I’m not going to spend my time writing about all the reasons why women are against Trump. If you don’t already know by now then you’re probably one of those people who voted for him with the understanding that he would actually make America great again. As if it only takes one old dude to accomplish that and has nothing to do with the people who live here and work here and make this country run on a daily. Give me a break…I think I might get sick again.

Let me be clear, I’m by no means a man hater. I have a husband and a son and I love them dearly. They are the exception to the rule. They are part of the few male species that understand why women still feel a need to have a voice and make a stand. My husband (like many others) supports my views and goes beyond to make sure he understands why I and so many women feel the way that we do. I’m also raising my son to be respectable and know that such things as locker room talk are unacceptable regardless of who does or doesn’t hear it.

I’ve thought about everything I wanted to say in this post and my anger keeps me from writing it out clearly. So I found a few things recently that pretty much summed up how I feel about the march and the criticism it’s getting. Here’s something I found on social media

“I feel like this needs to be said- to all the women who don’t feel that any of their rights have ever been challenged or taken away. I’m so happy for you. That is really fortunate and it sounds like you are really comfortable. So blessed! But please know that your personal experience does not represent all women. Please be willing to listen. Just because you have not experienced racism, sexism, or homophobia does not mean that the outrage of those who have should be invalidated.

Also- to imply that because women marched yesterday for the collective rights of all – that their efforts were useless because there are woman around the world- in Syria, in Afghanistan, in parts of Africa who are truly suffering – is so short sighted. Feeling outrage for injustice happening in our own communities is not mutually exclusive from feeling outrage to the great atrocities happening globally. What I heard you say is “at least you have something. So shut up and sit down”

Shutting up and sitting down breeds complacency. It also implies we should only be upset when something directly affects us, but should mind our own business if it negatively impacts those in our communities.

Love thy neighbor.

I understand that this makes you uncomfortable. That it feels less powerful if you categorize the women marching as overly sensitive snowflakes. But the reality is that they are doers and change makers.

Personally, I know women who marched yesterday who serve as directors for domestic abuse shelters, women who lead boards that coach corporations on ensuring equal pay for equal work, women who have spent years working for NGOs in Haiti and Africa, women who supported tribal resistance at Standing Rock, women who foster at risk children, women who donate time and money to organizations working to impact marginalized groups in their own communities and around the world.

It is so easy to sit back, and make generalizations. But over two million people came together yesterday for the largest, peaceful protest to ever happen. TWO MILLION. (Edit: 4.1 million) Were you listening?” –Melissa Embrey Jordan

Here’s another great article I found on the matter and I really hope that those who don’t understand why women march take the time to read this.  https://medium.com/esme-com-resources-and-support-for-single-moms/to-christy-on-facebook-who-doesnt-need-the-women-s-march-beb4948e1e4b#.mpuv8rvt3

I am trying to convince myself that so many people are against feminist because they simply don’t understand it and not because they are truly that naive.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”