I figured it was time to write something again. 

My brother is doing well. He returned to the hospital after being at home for a few days but he’s home again now. We still have a long road ahead and a lot that still needs to be done. These things are never easy and never short but we make the best out of every situation. I guess that’s all you can do sometimes.

I’ve been reading a lot lately. I finally finished Mira Grants Newsflesh series. I was so afraid to finish the third book because I didn’t want to be completely devastated afterwords. It’s been an emotional journey for sure but I’m content with the way things ended and luckily for everyone in my house I didn’t feel the need to cry for days or punch someone in the face. I’ve read a decent bit of books now (mostly memoirs) but that’s probably the first book that made me realize just how lost you can get in another world. You know someone’s a good author when they can make you feel everything the characters are feeling, and when they can bring you into that exact scene as if you were in a movie. I’m sad it’s over but now I can focus on the 10 other books I recently purchased.

I’m still searching for more time to write. I think when a lot of things happen at one time I either write like crazy or stop writing at all. Instead, as I said above, I’ve been reading. I think it’s been a nice escape from some of the daily struggles. We’ve had so many events in the last few months too; Losing friendships, my brother being in the hospital, my sons birthday events, my husbands birthday next week and planning our trip to the mountains among other things. Things will slow down again, they always do. I’ve had so many things I want to write about and once I’m able to write something that I don’t think is completely horrible I’ll write again. I guess dealing with so many emotions can really take a toll on how focused you are to write something that makes sense.

Those are my thoughts for today. Hope you all are well!