Are you a Walking Dead fan?
I most certainly am! I just happen to live around the area where some of it was filmed. My husband and I decided to spend the day wondering around our town and take photos. It was simply wonderful. It’s amazing how much beauty you can find in a place when you really take the time to look. So tomorrow (hopefully) I’ll be posting other photos but today I’m going to focus on the walking dead areas that we went to. Keep in mind that these photos were taken with a Samsung S7 and a Canon Powershot SX400. The photos turned out way better than expected. The photos with a date on them were taken by my husband.


The first location is of a scene in Season 3 Episode 15 (above picture is a scene from the episode). Merle is on his way to take Michonne to the governor. He decides it’s a good idea to hot-wire a car and before you know it the alarm goes off. Michonne is seen tied up near the motel. Not all of these photos may have been shown in The Walking Dead but they were all taken at this location.

The next location is one that I’m sure every fan knows of. From Season 3 Episode 5, The Arena! Does that even need an explanation? Here’s a photo taken from the show


Due to warning signs that said “Employees only” we were only able to get a few shots from a distance.

The last location was on season 4 episode 13. This is the place that Maggie left messages written in blood to tell Glenn to go to Terminus. Sadly, the messages aren’t there anymore. There was a message on the red building but in the show was shown as a white building along with this message…


I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination. It was still awesome photographing such a beautiful and peaceful place.

There is is folks! I plan to make some more trips around town and maybe go on a few of the walking dead tours soon. I’ll be sure to share those also. Hope you all have a wonderful week and be sure to check out my next blog with more photos coming soon!