I saw Bad moms in theaters and watched it again last week because it’s just that good.

This isn’t about the movie, though. It’s about how we are all bad moms in some way or another. Lets face it, we all have or had a Gwendolyn in our life. The mom(s) who thinks their way is the only way or best way to raise a child. Moms can never win. If we breastfeed we are disgusting. If we formula feed we don’t care about the health of our child. We get judged if we let our child sleep in the bed with us until they are 4 or if we make them sleep in their crib the same night they come home from the hospital. We are bad if we are working moms and we are bad if we are stay at home moms. We can never live up to the expectations that are put on us daily.


“So, the truth is, when it comes to being a mom, I have no f@#$ing clue what I’m doing. And you know what? I don’t think anyone does. I think we’re all bad moms, and you know why? Because being a mom today is impossible! So can we all just please stop pretending like we have it figured out and stop judging each other for once?”-Amy, Bad Moms.

I’ve always thought about the fact that I’m not raising a child, I’m raising an adult. My baby is going to be someones husband and father one day. It’s my job to try my best not to completely screw him up. It’s my job to teach him life lessons so that he will be a decent, caring human being, not spoiled and entitled. But the truth is, no one wrote a book on how to be the best mother ever. I’m assuming it might have something to do with the fact that every single child is different. Something that works for one kid most likely won’t work for the other.


Think I’m a bad mom yet? I’m just getting started 🙂

  • I allow my son to get dirty. Yep, I said it. He’s a kid and I let him be a kid. When he plays outside I encourage him to get dirty, roll around in the grass, play in the dirt, pick up that harmless insect and explore the world.
  • I’ve never been to a PTA meeting or bake sale.
  • I’m not just my sons mom, I’m his friend. Because it is possible to be your childs friend. He knows when I’m being mom and when I’m being a friend. It’s all about balance for us and it works.
  • I let him decide who gets to hug or touch him. I won’t force him to hug, touch or kiss someone if he doesn’t want to. He’s allowed to set boundaries when it comes to his body.
  • I’m honest with him. If he wants to know about something then we talk about it no matter how difficult it might be.
  • There are days that I come home from work completely exhausted and we lay around watching netflix for the rest of the night.
  • But I refuse to have cable because I don’t want him watching TV all day, everyday.
  • He’s limited on how much time he can spend playing video games.


I’m a bad mom because I actually do lose my sh%# every now and then. Because some days I completely fail and have no idea what I’m suppose to do. Because there are days I want to scream and cry and give up. Because I want that other mom friend to vent to about all the unbelievably stupid things my child does (without judgment) and then cry because I never thought I could love another human that much. I’m a bad mom because I’m not perfect.

Moms have to stick together because some times we are all we have for the support we all desperately need. We have to stop with the judgments and expectations. I would love to hear what you think makes you a bad mom! Lets enjoy this madness together. We don’t have to do this alone.