I originally picked this for the song of the week because of the video. I’m a big fan of art in all of it’s different forms including music, painting, photography, self-expression, dance, you name it. I’m sure there are tons of people who would turn this video into something sexual but that’s not what this is about. I admire Brendon Urie’s ability to express himself in his most natural state. In our world we tend to see our bodies as something sexual or something shameful. We forget how beautiful we are and that our bodies are a wonderful work of art in all of it’s different shapes and sizes.

After falling in love with this song I did a little research to make sure I understood it. When asked about this song Brendon said, ” “A lot of times people want to label something just to make themselves feel comfortable. They wanna call this person gay or this person straight. I have had similar experience with homosexuality, with bisexuality, and that’s something I feel comfortable talking about. It’s not something anyone should have to hide, and that goes along with the message of the song, that it’s important to know who you are, to be able to be proud of that, and have the courage behind your convictions. People can say whatever they want; it doesn’t matter unless you let it affect you.” My thoughts on this song were proven by his words. Honestly, I’m not sure what more I could add to what he already said. I think that every human has a right to peacefully express who they are regardless of who agrees with them or doesn’t.

So this goes out to every person who has been judged because of who they are. It goes out to everyone who doesn’t completely know who they are yet; I promise, you will soon enough and I hope you embrace and love yourself no matter what. This goes out to everyone who has been bullied and ridiculed for who they fall in love with. Love is not a choice. Enjoy!