I joined this site 3 months ago. I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d really like it or how long I’d last. I’ve gotten over 550 views, a great amount of followers (way more than expected) and the support from this place has been overwhelming. It might not sound like much but to me it’s something wonderful.  Thank you all for reading and sharing a piece of you every day. I really enjoy learning from you guys and seeing how unique the people in this world really are.

The word for today is waiting. I attempted to google some quotes about waiting to maybe get some inspiration. I guess you can say I was inspired to write but what I found isn’t exactly what I was expecting. There were countless memes just like this one or something similar to it….

I’m not really sure how to use my words for this. Everything that came to mind was just sounds of annoyance, and disgust.  Is it possible to put those sounds into writing? Call me a bitter romantic, or someone who has been through and seen way too much to think it’s okay to just sit around chilling, waiting from some dude to notice my importance. I think that’s an issue a lot of us have now days. We focus way too much on what that special (or potentially special) someone thinks of us. In my opinion, that’s wasted time and a disaster waiting to happen.



Instead of waiting for someone to notice how awesome and important you really are, how about spending that time figuring that out for yourself? Spend time with yourself, discover who you really are and accept that you’re pretty freakin awesome (including your abundant amount of flaws that you will probably never let yourself live down). You don’t need a knight in shining armor to tell you these things. You just need to keep telling yourself that. You have a life to live, too. That life shouldn’t include you “waiting” for Mr. Right to get his head out of his ass. If he/she can’t see your importance and your overwhelming amount of awesomeness then maybe it’s time for you to move on. Maybe, just maybe, THEY aren’t worth the confusion, or lack of sleep, or tears. You deserve the best and you deserve to be someone’s everything. Not someone’s back-up or just in  case.


As always, thanks for reading! You guys rock!

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