I have been constantly reminded of the importance of friendship. Sometimes we take the most special things for granted. So I wanted to take some time to express my appreciation for 2 amazing friends in my life.

I officially met this beautiful creature in 2001. Our siblings were friends in elementary school but we had never met, we just knew each others name. I remember being escorted to my class and she saw me from her classroom. She freaked out and started waving at me in that crazy frantic way. She almost fell out of her chair. She instantly knew who I was. We became best friends that same day.


She was a very outgoing, hyper, outspoken and well…crazy girl. I was the shy, kept to myself kind of girl. After becoming friends with her, that all changed. She helped bring out the real me. She helped me see that being blunt and honest wasn’t a bad thing. Honestly, she helped me accept who I was in general. She was my protector  until I was brave enough to stand up to my enemies. And even then she still wasn’t too far away.



We’ve been through just about everything imaginable together; relationships, boyfriends, heartache, death, kids, you name it.  There were times that I didn’t think I could go on but she kept me sane and kept me going. I can say without a doubt that my life would have been completely different without her in it. She is my person, my best friend, my soul sister. Even if we can’t see each other as much as we’d both like, 15 years later we are still the best of friends. 



This guy right here! I hate to say it but I don’t even remember the day we actually met. He remembers and reminds me of it often. Apparently, I was under the influence when we met and have no memory of it whatsoever (I’m sorry!). However, I do remember the first time we really clicked with each other in 2007. It was due to our huge interest in music. We spent hours in his car listening to all of the neat jams he had.


He recently proved to me that he’s a tad bit more stubborn than I am. That’s pretty hard to do by the way. I love that we can openly and lovingly disagree on a million things and still find a million and one things we do agree on. Despite both of our many flaws, we always find ways to lift each other up. We try our best at least.


This is the most selfless person I know and he always thinks of others before himself. He’s the one friend I have that understands me no matter what I’m going through. He’s been one of my biggest supporters since my father passed away. No matter how sad, angry, anxious or depressed I may be, he always finds a way to make me smile. 9 years later and we still spend time in cars blasting our favorite songs, making memories, and chatting about every possible thing we can think of.


I give my family so much credit because they deserve it. But so do these two wonderful people. I truly love and appreciate all of the people in my life. In some way or another, they have helped me grow into the person I am today. I’m excited about the new friendships that are developing on a daily. I admire these people and their uniqueness. I enjoy every memory that’s being made with my tribe.


It’s not about the number of friends or the amount of followers you get on social media. It’s how true those few people in your life are. It’s about how they stick with you because they want to not because they have to. My circle might be small, but it’s full of people I wouldn’t change or trade for the entire world. I love our weirdness, our crazy sense of humor and the fact that not many people would think we are sane at the end of the day. This is real friendship. This is happiness. And together, we can take on the world.



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