This, On Purpose

Apologies in advance for the heteronormative pronoun use here as this is addressed primarily in response to a specific essay/piece.

Mr. David Hon,

Oh, my good sir, where does one begin with the likes of you? Like so many, so curious, I read your little opinion piece over the weekend because the title of which, “Why I’ll Never Date a Feminist,” is pure clickbait gold (Go, you!). You’ve really stirred the pot then, haven’t you, you sneaky-cheeky?

That said, never have I seen such a slapdash series of sweeping generalizations and assumptions put together — none of which has anything to do with your hyperlinked researched bits and pieces, so you can put that concern aside (however, do keep in mind that NOTHING produced by the American Enterprise Institute is a nonbiased resource as the AEI is a conservative think tank). It has more to do with…

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