Our new furniture came yesterdayand I must say I’m super pleased with everything! Our place feels a lot more like a home now and it has that cozy feeling. I have to admit the bed is a bit taller than I expected. I’ve never had to put much effort into getting on a bed before and now I do. I never thought 5’4 was considered short and now I’m rethinking that. My living room is so awesome! To add to it my husband decided we needed new kitchen stuff to go with it. So he surprised me by taking me out to buy some new cookware, dishes and silverware. Screw the diamonds, I’d take useful stuff for the house over that any day! The only thing left that we want to invest in is new bedding and curtains. I’m a sucker for curtains.

I’m really enjoying everything but I’m a little sad that everything is done. I try to keep busy around the holidays and I was pretty busy for a while. Now I don’t have much to do and it’s driving me crazy. There’s only so many times you can clean an already clean house. Anyways, as promised here are the pictures! I had a hard time getting a good angle for everything but you’ll get the idea.