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Domestic Violence

We are the Survivors

I could talk about the election today and what a mess it has been but I think enough people are talking about it. I decided the only thing I wanted to mention is that I’m proud to see over 4 million people vote for Gary Johnson. I know that’s not even close to being enough but it was noticed. I’m so happy to know I was not alone. Today, I wanted to bring more light to sensitive subject. Continue reading “We are the Survivors”

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Abuse is abuse no matter what form it comes in. I’ve seen it and been apart of it. I understand the fear and I understand even more the courage it takes to walk away and rebuild your life. I also know that you have to be incredibly brave to report it. Remember if he/she can do it to you, he/she can and probably will do it to someone else. Continue reading “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

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