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Hope is a strong word

It’s amazing how sharing one thing can trigger your mind to think about so many other things. Continue reading “Hope is a strong word”


This past week has been rough.  Continue reading “Dreams”

Dear Americans, Your Vote Matters!

November 8th is coming up fast. A lot faster than I’d like. I’ve never felt such tension from an election. Maybe it’s because I never really cared enough. The last 2 elections I was old enough to vote but I refused to mostly because I didn’t feel like I had a good enough understanding of the process. Continue reading “Dear Americans, Your Vote Matters!”

“Writing is the painting of the voice”

I started writing in middle school. It gave me an escape from real life. Aside from making straight A’s in all of my writing classes, I’ve always felt that my skills are nowhere near close to perfect. But that’s okay. Someone once told me I should continue to write no matter what. I said to them that there’s not much of a point if no one reads it. That’s a lie. Writing can be therapeutic regardless of if someone reads it or not. Since I started writing again, I have felt a small relief from certain things in my life. I’m able to express certain emotions without horrible repercussions. Continue reading ““Writing is the painting of the voice””

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