Happy women’s day!!  We are pretty freaking awesome. At least that’s what I tell my husband every month when that time comes rolling around and I’m in immense pain, mood swings on full blast, sarcasm increased by 110 percent and my never ending craving for chocolate and pickles (no, not together) kicks in.

The rebel in me really wanted to participate in the Day without a woman cause. But, I’m one of those working women/mothers/wife that actually really needs my job and as much as I agree with a cause I won’t risk my job for it. I solute every woman that participated though! I’m with you in spirit if that counts!

Since I don’t really have much time to write today I decided to share a couple of quotes from a book I love called Milk and Honey written by Rupi Kaur. She’s a brave woman who shared part of her story and feelings with the world.

Be proud of the woman that you are and that you are continuing to become. You are important, brilliant, strong and very much needed! Never let anyone take away your shine!