I’m not sure if this year is going by slow or fast. It’s only March but it’s March already.ย My year so far has been pretty good. My son was accepted into the Beta club last year and he’s loving it. Every morning he gets to go to the lower grades and help kids with whatever they need improvement on. He mostly helps them learn how to read. He has such a kind heart and he’s getting to do something that he loves. I also made a deal with him that if he could save half for a new game system my husband and I would cover the other half as an early birthday present. He’s tried to save his allowance before and it didn’t work out too well. This time was different and it shows how much he’s growing. He did all of his chores every week and saved everything he earned.

I was raised that way. If I wanted something I had to earn it and I was always thankful that my parents did that with me. It’s a lesson that has stuck with me and has helped my growth tremendously. Friday, it finally paid off for him and he decided to get the new Nintendo Switch. He was extremely pleased with it and still is. It was a proud mommy moment for me. He finally saved his earned money to go toward his first big purchase and I have a feeling he’s going to cherish it so much more because he really worked for it. His birthday is next month. I have enjoyed seeing his progress every year. He’s constantly learning, questioning, and growing into this amazing human being. I miss my dependent baby boy but it’s such a great experience to see him grow.


We are planning his second trip to the zoo for his birthday. He hardly remembers the first time he went. We normally throw him a birthday party but ever since we took him to the aquarium last year he’s asked to do more things like that. It makes it more fun that his cousin (he normally only sees once or twice a year) comes down to join him.

My husband and I are planning our anniversary trip to Helen. It’ll be the third time we’ve gone. I think it’s becoming a yearly thing for us. It’s one of those places that you really feel like you had a relaxing vacation without the need to rush around everywhere. We always go to Anna Ruby falls and last year we added Dukes Creek falls to the list. Now I have to decide between 3 other hiking trails and I don’t know if I can pick just one. They all look amazing. I use to think the best place to be on earth was around the ocean. Ever since Helen I’m convinced waterfalls are way better. It’s almost like being lost with nothing but the sounds of water and nature surrounded by pure beauty. The best part is there’s absolutely no cell phone reception so no one can disturb your peace.

Other than that, this year has been pretty good so far. I can’t really complain. I received a lot of great feed back on my two blogs about music and movies. So, I’m going to try to work on a few more soon and see how it goes. Until then, I’ve been playing this song over and over lately. Who doesn’t love Sia? Enjoy and as always thanks for reading!!!