As I was going through the feed and reading some of the great blogs that I follow I came across Tell me something good #45 by A Momma’s View and thought I’d participate because we need more good things in our world. So all you really have to do is tell about something good that’s happened recently.

There’s been a lot of good things happen lately for me. Sometimes it takes really thinking about it to notice life isn’t so bad after all. I applied to go back to school and was supposed to start last month. My previous school failed to send my transcripts until this month so I wasn’t able to start on time. Fall semester here I come? There’s something good out of that I’m sure. Maybe I wasn’t as ready as I thought, who knows? Point being, there can still be something good come out of things that maybe aren’t so good at first.

What I really want to write about is the new comforter my hubby and I recently bought. I know it sounds lame to some people but I’m that person that gets excited over stupid, simple things like that. My mom gave me some money for my birthday since I’m older and she really doesn’t know what to buy for me. After fixing up our place and buying new furniture the only thing left to get was a new bed set and curtains for our room. So that’s what I used it for.

When I was in middle school and lived in Florida, I was apart of this church thing and we’d go to flea markets and paint kids faces and stuff like that. Just have something fun for the younger kids while their parents shopped. One time we had to get started super early so I spent the night at the pastor and his wife’s house. Sure enough it was one of those really nice big homes with an in-ground pool and 2 extra guest bedrooms in a gated community. I wasn’t born into a rich family so something like that was amazing to me. Not being super wealthy also explained my amazement with all of the blankets and pillows on the bed I slept on (I still don’t understand the usefulness of decorative pillows). That was the first time I slept on a bed that felt like a cloud. The comforter was huge and soft. The sheets were like nothing else I had felt before. I would just tell you what they were made from but I was a kid and it’s not like I asked them about it.

My dad taught me the importance of money. Not in a way that it’ll control your life but in a way that would teach someone how to be careful and wise with how they spend it. He always had about 5 grand chilling in a bank account for back up. Wise man he was. We lived with what we needed and as long as I earned it he’d give me $20 every week. Back then $20 went a long way, at least for me it did. When I moved out and bought things for my place I always bought the cheaper things including blankets. I always thought that a blanket is a blanket, why pay more for the same thing. Then those cheap blankets would only last about 6 months before I had to buy another one and they weren’t very comfy. I ended up spending more in the long run. This time I decided to spend the extra money on a comforter and see what happens. Since the money was a gift why not? Every thing was already on sale (yay for sales!!!). So the comforter was $60 alone. Normally I spend about $30 to $50 (with no sale) with the sheets included. I despise embroidered comforters so this one didn’t have any design on it which explains why it didn’t cost more. The sheets were $30 and my hubby decided to throw in a huge (almost covers my entire queen size bed) $25 fluffy blanket to go with it since I’m obsessed with them. With my coupon the total ended up being around $96. Score by me!

We’ve had the new stuff for about 2 weeks now and it’s better than the blankets at that pastors house. I sometimes have a hard time sleeping and the new set has really helped with that. It’s also really good quality so I don’t expect to have to replace it for at least a year or two (hopefully more because I really love it). It’s amazing what a difference things like that can make. I guess when it comes to stuff for the home you really do get what you pay for.

That’s my something good.