I think I’ve taken the word exhausted to a whole new level.In my last post I talked about how we decided to purchase new furniture and making our apartment feel like a home. Well my husband and I decided to do a lot more than that. We got the okay to paint the place how we want it and do a few touch ups. I guess there are perks to living in a place for a while. They said it was fine to do simple things since we’ve been here longer than most people. So we’re turning this place into something beautiful. I must say, it’s making me think about staying here even longer.

I’ve been going non stop since Friday in hopes of having everything done before the week started. Sleep and food were put on the back burner as much as humanly possible. I’m paying for it now. I started with my sons room. He helped me as much as he could. I even shocked him with my ability to move heavy furniture. Apparently, he didn’t realize that his mommy is pretty strong.

We’ve rearranged just about every room and the painting is done. Now I’m just in the middle of spring cleaning in December. I figured why not do it now since my house is completely destroyed. So for now, it smells like paint and bleach. FYI, that’s not a great mixture. During all of this we decided to down size a bit. We donated 3 huge bags of stuff to goodwill and have about 4 trash bags full of things we no longer need or that are unimportant. I expect there to be more within the next few days. It feels oddly amazing to get rid of stuff!

I know once everything is back in place and the new furniture arrives it’ll all be worth the effort. For now I’m just extremely sore, exhausted, a bit hungry and a little excited. It’s going to be a long work week. So that’s just an update. I’m sure once things settle down and the holidays have ended I’ll have more time to write. I hope you all have an amazing week!! Until next time 🙂