We moved into our apartment 3 years ago. I’ll never forget the date. My father passed away Monday September 9, his funeral on the 11th, and we moved on the 13th of 2013. It was an emotional week to say the least. My husband and I signed a 18 month lease. We didn’t have any plans of staying longer than that.

Let me take it back some. I have moved around most of my life. After 5th grade I didn’t stay in one place for longer than a year until I was in 9th grade. After that I didn’t stay in the same place for more than 3 years. It wasn’t entirely my fault but some of it was. Eventually I got comfortable moving around and couldn’t stand being in the same place for very long. I needed change constantly. I guess that’s a bit odd since most people dread change. I’m 27 years old now and this year marks the longest I’ve been in one place since I was 11 years old.

So back to the topic. Obviously we have stayed at our apartment for longer than 18 months. When we moved in we hardly decorated or hung things on the wall. Our apartment was mostly empty and we wanted to keep it that way. With all the moving I’ve done I learned fast that the less you have the easier it is to move. I like the town I live in now. I’m use to it and comfortable with it. The thought of leaving made me a bit upset. I don’t even understand why. My town isn’t small but it’s not big either. At least not what I consider big. I lived in Jacksonville Fl at different times in my life which happens to be the most populated place in Fl. So when I say my town isn’t that big I’m comparing it to a place that is huge. 6 years ago I would have given just about anything to move somewhere else. Now, I just want to travel but still call this area my home. The need to see the world will never go away.

I lived with my husband for a few years before I married him. I’m a firm believer in living with someone before making that big of a leap. He proposed to me pretty early on but I made him wait a little over 2 years before I was willing to say I do. I guess having a failed marriage at a young age will do that to you. Either way, we agreed on not buying a bunch of stuff for our place. Last year we were pre-approved to buy a house. Turns out, it was just to stressful for me to deal with. I don’t think I was fully prepared for everything that came along with buying one. So instead of pretending that everything was going to work out we decided to put it off for a little bit longer. I think it was the best decision we could have made. I know it’ll happen soon but I also think it’ll be better when I know for sure that I can deal with being in the same place for 30 years. That’s a pretty big commitment.

Okay, I’m about to get to the point haha! December 6, 2014 my husband and I made our first big purchase together and that was our super awesome car. By the way, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I have had this car for 2 years and just now hit 15,000 miles. Yes, I do go places but both of our jobs are 10 minutes from where we live so our every day driving is pretty short. This past weekend I came to the conclusion that we need to stop living here as if it’s temporary. It is temporary but there’s no reason for us to continue living like that. So yesterday we decided to make our next big-ish purchase and we finally ordered furniture for our place. I didn’t realize until last night that the date just happened to be December 6th. My goal is to close on a house on December 6th two years from now. That date seems to be a good one for us.

I let him pick our bedroom set and I picked the living room. I’m super excited! Thankfully we have similar taste so we both like what the other picked. We instantly agreed on my sons room. That was probably the easiest part since we both know what he likes. I happen to love my dinning room table so we skipped on that. It’s a bit odd that it takes almost as long to buy furniture as it does a car. I know furniture doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to a lot of people but coming from this traveling girl, it’s a big deal. I feel like it’s a good first step into settling down and being okay with not moving all the time. I hope to only move one more time and I hope that my brain decides to be okay with it. I could always change the way things look every few years. That’s almost like moving, right?

So that’s my thoughts for the day. A bit scattered but that’s just how I work 🙂 The furniture will be delivered right before Christmas and I can’t wait for the parents to see everything during our holiday festivities. My husband told his mom about it today and she said, “It’s about time”.  I guess she’s right, it is about time!