I recently had another one of those mommy moments when all I can think is, “I can’t believe this is my child.” Not in a bad way either. I’m not sure what I did to deserve such a wonderful child but I must have done something right. Just about every parent feels that way about their kids. Sometimes I think he’s helped me grow way more than I’ve helped him. Is that even possible?

He started off the school year strong and is doing amazing. We are aiming for perfect attendance this year. It’s really hard to accomplish that with all the germs and sickness going around. So far he’s doing great. He actually likes going to school. If you only knew what a struggle that was a few years ago, you’d understand my excitement.

I worked really hard with him on writing, spelling and numbers before he even started pre-k. We had all kinds of fun activities we’d do every day. I also spent a ridiculous amount of money on books for him before he could even walk. Thankfully, he loves to read now. I was worried that he’d have the same problems that I had in school so I tried my best to prepare him early. I think it’s definitely paying off.


He’s a straight A student, enjoys having long conversations with me about history (I cannot express how much joy that brings me), and excels in science even though that is his least favorite subject. He wants to have a career in robotics when he grows up. I actually hope he sticks with this one. With his creative mind, I’m sure he could do great things.

Back to that moment that made me want to write this. My son is 10 years old now. Yesterday as I was taking my husband to work, my son must have been thinking pretty hard in the backseat. All of the sudden he says to my husband, “You know, I’m your son-in-law.” This, my friends, is the logic of a 10 year old. I tried to explain to him that there is no way he could be a son-in-law yet since he’s not married. Trying to explain to him what a son-in-law is didn’t work out to well. He knows that my husband is his stepdad but he doesn’t too much like the “step” part. So his response was simply, “Mom, I’m his son by law so that means I am his son-in-law.” Trying to argue with my son is a losing battle. He’s a little too much like me sometimes and when people see us get in debates they swear I’m just arguing with myself. So I responded with a simple, “Son, you can be his son by law if that makes you feel better but you are not his son-in-law.” I’m sure that no matter what I said, his mind was already made up and nothing I would say could change that. He definitely keeps me on my toes but I wouldn’t have it any other way.