I started writing in middle school. It gave me an escape from real life. Aside from making straight A’s in all of my writing classes, I’ve always felt that my skills are nowhere near close to perfect. But that’s okay. Someone once told me I should continue to write no matter what. I said to them that there’s not much of a point if no one reads it. That’s a lie. Writing can be therapeutic regardless of if someone reads it or not. Since I started writing again, I have felt a small relief from certain things in my life. I’m able to express certain emotions without horrible repercussions.

Before I started writing again I kept busy with puzzles. I still enjoy doing them but I’ve been stuck on the same one for months now. I just can’t seem to motivate myself enough to finish it. I normally don’t like landscape puzzles and I think that’s why I’m not that interested in it. I’ll finish one day. I’ve come too far to tear it apart and throw it back in the box…though that would be much easier. I’m not a quitter!


I read somewhere before I started this blog that blogs are meant to be about one subject or the stories at least connect with each other. If you want to write poetry then it needs to be a poetry blog. If you write reviews then it’s a review blog. If it’s made up of photographs then it’s an art blog. If that’s how it’s really supposed to be then I’m doing this all wrong. I just don’t really care. I want to write about whatever is on my mind and my mind changes topics every 5 minutes or less. That means that there is no way I could have a blog and it be only on one thing. That’s also why it can take me days to finish one post. I am an “all over the place” type of person and my blog mirrors that. It’s an expression of me, my life, my history, thoughts, and experiences. 

Lesson of the day- Don’t change who you are just to fit inside the lines. Break free; break the rules every now and then. Be you and be happy