I am heartbroken over seeing this country tear itself apart. We don’t need terrorist to do that for us when we are doing such a great job at it ourselves. Somehow, we’ve got this all backwards. We lost the meaning of life, of loving each other and of helping each other. We are so consumed in our own bitterness to care about anyone else and it’s so, so sad.

We have the worst presidential candidates in U.S history. Everyone knows it. So how did they even get this far? Because we the people think that voting for the lesser evil is a good idea. It’s not! It’s a joke. Did you know that we have the right to overthrow our government…legally? So why won’t we? We don’t like what’s going on, right? Oh, it’s because everyone is scared out of their mind. We’d rather sit back and take what we can get instead of actually doing something about it.

You need a college education to get almost any decent job now days. Yet college will cost you your entire life to pay off. Possibly even ruin your credit for those who can’t find a job quick enough to start paying on the enormous amount of debt that they now have at the age of 25. If you wonder why fast food workers want more money, it’s because that’s the only job some people can seem to get. They are trying to support a family off of $8 an hour because they have no college education to get a better job (some people aren’t born into rich families). It’s not because they think they are more important than college graduates.


Why does the media insist on showing us all of the violence and crime instead of all of the good that’s being done? Why are we killing each other? Why does there even have to be a need for a movement like Black lives matter? Why aren’t we all seen as equal to each other? Why is there still a race war going on? Do we not all have the same organs? Did we not all come from the same place? We should embrace each others differences. It’s the only thing that makes us unique. Why aren’t we standing together on these issues? Why can’t we be heard without being destructive?

Let’s not forget that people on food-stamps eat better than half of the working class. Someone tell me why fresh veggies are more expensive than a bag of chips. Or why fries are cheaper than a salad. “They” want us to be healthy but how can we when being healthy cost so much? It actually cost you money to recycle. Tell me how it’s possible that a rapist gets less of a sentence than someone who was caught with marijuana. Tell me why marijuana isn’t legal yet when it has been proven to help a number of mental illnesses and diseases. You actually don’t have to tell me that one because I already know the answer. Money. Why can’t we have a health care system like Canada? Money, right? Why is this country so damn greedy?

We are capable of changing these things. We are capable of greatness. I want to challenge you all to do something nice for someone else this weekend. Step outside of your comfort zone. Be generous, be selfless, be kind. Buy a homeless person a meal, tell a stranger that they are awesome, help your parents with the yard work without complaint or expecting something in return. Do something in your power that will put a smile on someone else’s face. Turn off your TV and cell phone and look up. There is a whole world right in front of you and the change starts with you. Remember that.

via Daily Prompt: Generous